m1 finance Growth portfolio update december 18 2021

This week’s growth portfolio update could be better. Sometimes when people talk smack about dividend portfolios they try to make it out as if growth stocks are guaranteed to only shoot up to the moon. Boy, are they full of it! Or maybe some would simply push back and say I was a sucker for buying DraftKings Stock, or for believing in Coinbase and that cryptocurrencies would get bigger.

Yes, the stock market and crypto have gotten beaten down badly during this final quarter of the year. My M1 Finance Growth portfolio is no exception. But this is where you make your moves! When the stock is down and you’re in the red, you should consider continuing to buy… at least if you believe in the company. For me, this growth portfolio is going to last anywhere from 5 to 20 years, so I’m honestly not worried about these dips. In fact, I love them since they allow me to buy more stocks at a lower price before they rip.

If you are interested in investing with M1 Finance and starting your own portfolio, you can do so here and get some free money! Or use my Webull link here and get free stocks!

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