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I help individuals understand how to manage money and improve their credit score while exploring self-employed endeavors that increase their income and lead to financial independence.

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Personal Finance Coaching

Learn the fundamentals of money management and how to increase your credit score.

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Business Consulting

Actionable support to start and grow a side hustle or small business.

What My Clients and Subscribers Say

I thought your video was excellent. It was step by step & easy to follow. Very informative. I appreciate you!
Adam is a really good coach! I feel comfortable talking to him and look forward to future sessions.
Anesa M
Personal Finance Coaching Client
Thank you so much 🙌🏾 you’re the man. I have an LLC. I started earlier this year and I have 0 personal or business credit I’m trying to build healthy credit so I’m researching everything! I’m glad I found your channel.
I enjoyed what Adam had to say and appreciated his ideas for growth. He offered new perspectives about my website too.
Dr. Monica Cox
Business Consulting Client
Bro, you made a great video! Thank you for the information. Be blessed

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Financial Independence Journey

We’re all on our own financial independence journey. However, only some of us are willing to invest the time and energy that instill fundamental skills that lead to success and financial freedom. And wouldn’t it be amazing to get paid for doing what you enjoy doing? I’d love to help.

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