5 self employment tips for 2022 to help you succeed in your financial independence journey as you strive for financial freedom

The number of professionals leaving the full-time job world to be self-employed continues to rise. After all, 12.7 million people quit their jobs in July, August, and September. While some political figures might try to make you believe they are all trying to milk the system as deadbeats, I don’t believe it. I believe it’s because more people want to be self-employed and less dependent on a business or large corporation that doesn’t truly value or care about them.

Self Employment Tips for YOU

For that reason, I thought I’d share this video with all of you, my self-employed fam, to help motivate, remind, and encourage you while you strive towards financial freedom. These 5 tips are especially for anyone who is new to the self-employment world. I first did independent contractor work back in 2005 or 2006, so please believe me when I say I’ve learned a thing or two. But I wish I learned what I know much sooner which is why I am sharing this game with you.

So whether you are part of the Fiverr or TaskRabbit world, maybe you do ride-sharing with Lyft or Uber, or work with DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc. this video is for you! Here are 5 self-employment tips to help you along your journey!

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