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Down But Not Out! Reflections on Day 20 of the Money Saving March Challenge

It’s Day 20 of the Money Saving March challenge, and although I’m not proud to admit it, we didn’t make it through with flying colors. This helps explain the lack of content over the past week. Just keeping it real, but the challenge was harder than I anticipated. We gave in to temptation and spent money on things that weren’t essential – like fast food and an inexpensive leather jacket I technically didn’t need, although somewhat justified. But while this battle was lost, the war is far from over! Let’s take a look at why continuing our money-saving challenge is still so important and why I say don’t give up! Yeah, you heard me – don’t give up on yourself.


The Benefits of Frugal Living

I know talk is cheap, and it’s easy to say don’t give up, but I also have to say living frugally has many advantages beyond saving money. We can become more conscious consumers, aware of how their spending affects their quality of life and wallets. Being mindful about what you buy also helps you develop better spending habits throughout your life.

The cost savings that come along with living frugally can also help people put more money towards higher education or tuition costs for their children or grandchildren. Additionally, suppose you can save more money each month. In that case, you can put those funds into an emergency fund or a Roth retirement account, which will come in handy down the road when unexpected expenses arise or when you retire.

If you have debt, living frugally can help reduce those monthly payments by giving you more breathing room in your budget to cover necessary costs like housing, food, and transportation while freeing up extra funds to pay down debts faster. This way, you won’t have lingering debt after paying your essential monthly bills. Plus, this allows you to learn how to live within your means so that future debt doesn’t accumulate again. And if it does, you’ll at least have a blueprint for reducing it.

Finally, learning how to save money can help people from all walks of life gain financial freedom even if they don’t have a high salary or work multiple jobs to get by each month. Living frugally and understanding where your hard-earned money is going every month makes it easier for people of all incomes to build wealth over time without sacrificing necessities and lifestyle choices they value most.


Why You Don’t Give Up

All of that said, today’s tip is an important one – don’t give up. I don’t doubt that you could achieve your goals of reducing your spending and saving more money. But you need to want it. You need to have a why, a reason to drive you and keep you moving toward your goals. Because, unfortunately, you might hit a wall or a bump in the road during your financial independence journey and life in general. That is why you need a reason to get back up on your feet and keep it going. You need a Why. Once you do, despite the flat tire or the slip on the banana peel, you’ll be able to get back up and continue striving towards those goals. After all, losing a battle or two doesn’t mean you will lose the war.

Keep It Moving

Even though we’ve fallen short during our Money Saving March challenge doesn’t mean we should give up entirely – instead, let’s use this experience as an opportunity for reflection and growth! With proper planning and knowledge on how to save money and best utilize our resources effectively, we can reach our goals no matter what income level we’re working with! Let’s continue with the challenge knowing that all of us can win the war against bad spending habits and build financial freedom! Don’t give up!

If you need additional motivation, aside from tips from our Money Saving March challenge here, consider checking out our free money management course here or head over to Dave Ramsey’s site for more money-saving tips and tricks.

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