Pepsi Stock Newt stock update my m1 finance $25 a week Dividend Portfolio Update december 19th 2021 (1)

My friends, why haven’t you started investing yet? For real tho, what are you waiting for?!? Sometimes I just want to stop asking since I already know what I’ll hear. Either – I don’t have enough money to invest, I don’t know how to invest, or some other excuse suggesting you’d rather invest in yourself while failing to truly do so. Of course, I’m not an expert and if anything I’ve probably broken even on my trading as of today, December 19th, 2021.

That said, I don’t recommend trading to just anyone but I do suggest investing! This M1 Finance dividend portfolio is an investment since I’ll be contributing to it for years to come. For that reason, I don’t worry about its day-to-day stock price since I’m investing. Trading, on the other hand, is more of a short-term game. I might buy the stock today and sell it for a quick buck or two if the stock price goes up over the next few days or weeks. But this dividend portfolio is working for me. Not only do I believe the stock price of these companies will go up over the next few days but 5, 10, 20+ years. And on top of that, I also get paid dividends every month or quarter.

Pepsi Stock and Newtek Stock

Pepsi Stock pepsi NFT Gary Vee VaynerNFT Dividend portfolio update

Pepsi Stock and Newtek Stock are this week’s top dogs in our dividend portfolio update. Pepsi stock might be running up because of their new NFT collection called ‘The Mic Drop‘ that they have with Gary Vaynerchuck’s company, VaynerNFT. Newt continues to dominate the top of our portfolio but remember, it’s a REIT.

Watch the video for this week’s M1 Finance Dividend Portfolio Update. And while you’re here, consider starting your own M1 Finance portfolio using this link here and you will get free cash to re-invest in your portfolio! And don’t forget to visit our resources page for other helpful tools and software to help you make, manage, and grow your money!

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