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My M1 Finance Dividend Portfolio Update for December 2021

This week’s dividend portfolio update unfortunately partially resembles the general market right now… there’s some blood in the water. Because of recent Rona scares and another potential lockdown on the horizon, the market has been down, including some of our dividend stocks. But remember, even if the market tanks, we’ll still be getting monthly or quarterly dividend payouts so we aren’t even worried about it. Plus, as I always remind you guys, it’s a marathon and not a sprint!

And if anything, this is a great time to consider adding more to your portfolio and buying the dip. Of course, this isn’t legal or financial advice, and the market could continue to fall down more so don’t panic sell and definitely don’t go all in now on what seems to be a good deal. But at least if you do, consider making that investment in a company that pays dividends.

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