Dividends portfolio update financial independence 4th of july 2021

Investing vs. Savings – Dividend Portfolio Update

Financial Independence on Independence Day 2021 – Start Investing Today! Investing $25 a Week into a Dividend Portfolio

What does Independence Day mean to you? Sadly these days, a lot of people will only say hitting the beach, BBQ’s and getting drunk with friends and family. But over here, we believe it’s about much more than that. Yes, you can celebrate our nation’s independence and freedom by letting loose and enjoying yourself. Still, you can also use this time to put together a dividends portfolio to help you grow your money.

Personal financial literacy isn’t the hot topic around the pool or at the beach, but these days you can start investing in less than 10 minutes from your cell phone with as little as $25 a week! Honestly, anyone reading this can do this if you want it. Why wouldn’t you want to improve your future life by getting your money to work for you? Yes, you should have an emergency savings account and maybe regular savings too. It would help if you considered investing after 3 -12 months of expenses are saved up.

As you can see in the video, your money doesn’t work for you while it’s in a savings account. Of course, this isn’t financial advice, but why wouldn’t you start investing? Whether it’s in dividends or growth, you should want to make your money grow. Even without inflation, most savings account hardly give 1% interest, while our dividend portfolio is currently over 10%. Now, of course, a savings account will pretty much be consistent with that 0.06 percent average, so even if there is a recession, you are good to go. But generally, the same can be said about your dividends! ?

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