How to Grow Money with $100 - Dividend portfolio update september 5, 2021 Investing for Beginners with M1Finance not Robin hoodHow to Grow Money with $100 - Dividend portfolio update september 5, 2021 Investing for Beginners with M1Finance not Robin hood

Growing Money on a Budget / From $100 to $1500 with $25 a Week Dividend Portfolio!

You really have no excuse for getting your money to grow for you. I’m not feeding you some bs about becoming a millionaire in 3 months, which actually is possible these days, but instead, show you how to start investing and getting your money to work for you. In 8 months, after an initial $100 deposit and a $500 deposit from our stimulus check, we were able to grow our money using a dividend portfolio, or pie as M1 Finance refers to them, up to $1,500 simply by investing $25 a week. In other words, you can start investing and growing your money too!

Of course, you should already have your emergency savings account set up but after that, if you’re balling on a budget I would consider starting a small portfolio that will help you with staying ahead of the inflation curve. Because Uncle Sam got a little excited in 2020 and 2021 printing out a lot of money to help us because of the lockdown and whatnot, which was good – we, as Americans needed the help! But the downfall is that our savings and checking accounts are losing their value every day they sit there. This is why you should consider investing and on an ongoing and continuous basis. This isn’t legal or financial advice, just educational and entertainment content. But as you can see from the video, we’ve grown our small $100 account up to $1500 while showing an almost 15% return! You won’t see this with a checking or savings account.

Why haven’t you started your portfolio yet? You can’t afford $3.58 cents a day? Or maybe $5 a day… yup, as much as that coffee or Coke and bag of Lays Chips you buy every afternoon during lunch or before dinner. And no, I’m not hating on Coke Cola or Pepsi since they are both in my Dividend Portfolio 😉 but I just think we can scrounge up some money if we truly made investing a priority. Whoever said you need thousands and millions to start investing is full of it and I’m proving them wrong in this video. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or anything like that, this is just consistently contributing towards our future and making it a priority over some, not all, of the short-term pleasures and temptations that we all so easily fall for, myself included.

I love using M1Finance because of their portfolio pies and how you can easily set up automation for contributing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, along with reinvesting your dividends! WeBull is another one of my favorite. investing platforms but because of their charts and graphs.

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