Palantir Stock Growth Portfolio Update buy the dip and hodl

Buy Palantir Stock? Growth Portfolio Update for January 8th and 9th, 2022

Palantir Stock is getting hammered – but it’s not alone. Our M1 Finance growth portfolio is down pretty badly along with dozens of other popular growth stocks. And honestly, considering how volatile growth stocks have been over the past 12 years, but also in general, we shouldn’t be surprised. It makes sense that growth stocks can be like a roller coaster, up and down, up and down. If you are just starting to invest, this could be uncomfortable especially when you see your hard-earned cash from TaskRabbit, Fiverr, or your 9-5 job, get invested in a company such as Palantir and lose its value.

But one investment in our growth portfolio that I’d feel comfortable recommending to others despite being own a bit is Palantir. Yes, you should consider buying Palantir stock, my friends. Can you imagine having access to Google, Amazon, or Tesla before they exploded? Well, I believe in years to come, Palantir stock is going to run to the moon. Of course, I’m no Jim Cramer and this isn’t financial advice, but considering the work Palantir continues to do with government agencies, and how it has yet to really take on commercial industry to the extent that it can… o boy, this bad boy is going to eventually rip.

And I know, if you are a beginner investor trying to find the best stocks to buy – don’t ask me. But the one piece of advice I will give is if you truly believe in a company and its products or services, see solid financial records, with some hedge fund investments, then don’t buy and hold. Yes, you need to HODL your Palantir stock or whatever good growth stock you own. Clearly, nobody knows if a stock will run-up, when it will take place, or how high it’ll go. But odds are in your favor that you will do better if you buy and hold, assuming the stock meets the points above.

The simplest way to think about it is as if we were on that roller coaster ride. Once you get on the ride, despite how scary it is, we don’t get off until the ride stops. Now ultimately, yes, you decide when you want to stop investing but you need to understand that the “investing ride” itself will naturally go up higher. So try to not to panic and freak out when you see your stock portfolio is done, of course, assuming you did your proper research and are investing in good companies such as Palantir. Palantir will be here for years to come and there is no doubt in mind, similar to other stocks in our M1 Finance growth portfolio, that this investment will eventually pay off.

Watch this weekend’s growth portfolio update below. And get started with your own M1 Finance portfolio using my referral link here to get free cash and help increase your first investment! And if you want something more stable and “safer” than growth stocks you should consider checking out this dividend vs growth post here.

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