january 9th 2022 Dividend Portfolio Update for beginners

My M1 Finance Dividend Portfolio is Comfortably Cruising Forward

When some investors argue with me about dividends being a lousy investment, I can’t help to wish I had put more money into this portfolio. Of course, a dividend portfolio might not make as much money as a growth portfolio, but it’s also not as risky. And when the market isn’t treating growth stocks so well, such as right now, it’s clear to see why I’m pretty satisfied with this portfolio’s performance in a little less than a year.

dividend portfolio update for January 9th and 10th 2022

Unlike yesterday’s growth portfolio update, this portfolio is sitting pretty right now, and I’m excited to see where it’ll be on our one-year update coming up in less than a month! Up over 10%, we started this portfolio with only $100. We continued to invest $25 a week and had one more significant investment, giving us a total value of $1,995.

Dividends For Days

Check out this week’s portfolio update video to see which dividend stocks perform best. You can also grow your money with as little as $25 a week! And if you use my M1 Finance referral link here, you can get some free cash when you open and fund your account.

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