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Buy a Car on HyreCar with No PG and Make Money in 2022

Do you own a car that is merely a liability? In other words, does your car spend a lot of time just sitting in your driveway or on the street, costing you money for insurance? Well, HyreCar gives you the chance to make money renting out your car to Uber and Lyft drivers who don’t own a car. Yes, you can make money without doing much. This my friend is passive income.

Now, You Can Buy an EV on HyreCar

Now, HyreCar has teamed up with Spring Free EV to give you the opportunity to buy an Electric Vehicle with no personal guarantee and no lease OR no long-term contract. If you are an entrepreneur interested in making passive income, having a fleet of vehicles to rent out on platforms such as HyreCar orTuro, might be another excellent way to increase your income streams. And, of course, by going the EV route, you are helping the environment and helping your customers save money on gas, which will likely increase your chances of getting your EV booked more frequently.

Learn more about the HyreCar EV program here.

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