Building Business Credit with Software like Nav and eCredable Tips and tricks for 2021 and 2022 self employed entrepreneurs

Building business credit can be intimidating. For that reason, I started tracking my journey to building business credit. While doing my research, I like to share helpful tips and tricks that other self-employed entrepreneurs could benefit from, such as the best apps and software. Supposedly, two of the best business credit building software available heading into 2022 are Nav and eCredable.

If you are just starting a new business or if you are self-employed and part of the gig economy, this post is for you. Building business credit is one of the few areas that I neglected and am finally being proactive with improving. I never saw the need for having business credit since I wasn’t too concerned about my personal credit. Fast forward the clock a few years and my personal credit score is incredibly important to me which is why I am now also focused on building business credit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to build their empire with other people’s money?

Building Business Credit Fast with the Help of Nav and eCredable

I’ve already created a free Nav account which helps with monitoring your business and personal credit. However, the free plan doesn’t give you valuable information, so I will upgrade to one of their paid plans. The paid plan can also report to the credit bureaus as a tradeline! You can learn about Nav in this video, but I’d also consider subscribing to our newsletter or YouTube channel so you can stay up to date on our thoughts and real-world experience with Nav’s paid plan.

ecredable business credit builder for start ups 2021 2022

The other credit-building app you should consider checking out is eCredable. Not only will your monthly payments be reported as a tradeline, but they’ll also try to get some of your utility bills and a few other unique regular monthly expenses to be reported on your business credit. This is fantastic since, for example, you already need to pay for your electricity. Why not get credit for it, right? Well, that is exactly what eCredable is trying to help you with.

I’ll be making more content diving into Nav and eCredable, along with other software, credit cards, and tips and tricks to help with building your business credit, so be sure to join the journey and sign up with our newsletter!

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