TaskRabbit Mover Makes $10,000 a Month – Here’s His Inspirational Story

TaskRabbit is a gig app that has been around for a few years now. It’s one of the most popular gig apps available, and for a good reason – it allows Taskers to make pretty good money! Recently, Business Insider spoke with Jefferey Delerme, a New York Tasker who makes an average of $10,000 a month. So whether you’re just starting on TaskRabbit, thinking about joining, or doing it for a while, be sure to watch the video and read through this post for some motivation and tips!

TaskRabbit is a gig app that connects people who need tasks done with Taskers who are willing and able to do the work. Taskers can be anyone from young professionals who need extra income to retirees who want to stay active and social. TaskRabbit is a great way for people to earn money on their own schedule and sometimes by doing things they’re already doing, such as grocery shopping or walking the dog. Yes, Task Rabbit is awesome.

The Best Ways to Spend your Hard-Earned Money from Task Rabbit… I mean TaskRabbit

Tasker on Task Rabbit Taskrabbit Makes $10,000 a Month - Here's His Inspirational Story

Consider reinvesting in your business. As you are doing jobs, you notice specific tools or equipment will be needed to perform tasks, or that can help make them easier for you. You are likely at a point where you could invest in your TaskRabbit business and buy that lawnmower, moving blankets, power tools, etc. You can pick things up a level, such as Jefferey and myself, and purchase a cargo van.

Along with Jefferey’s recommendation to reinvest in your TaskRabbit business, consider paying yourself first, which means contributing towards your retirement. A Roth IRA or Traditional IRA is one type of retirement account to consider starting. Hopefully, you should already be at least one or two months deep into your emergency savings account. And we even have our M1 Finance dividend portfolio and growth portfolios where we contribute $25 every week. Check out our latest M1 Finance portfolio update.

Be sure to check out the TaskRabbit Money Maker Course for more tips and tricks to help grow your TaskRabbit business as you continue to move forward in your financial independence journey!

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